Tamás is natrually different! / is different, naturally!

We are working to create value, and instill a long-term way of thinking in Csopak, striving for progress, which is in harmony with nature. Grapes, lavender, and medicinal herbs also mean coexistence with nature, while giving constant work, varying tasks, and many challenges. The making of wine, [home-made] syrup, [home-made] jam, and [gyomorkeseru]{digestif?} is an art. A work of art, through which we can experience the joys of giving others the Tamás experience.

Tamás Pince Csopak

Our family cellar is located on the slopes of lake Balaton’s north shores, in Csopak’s best terrain. Our 3-hectare vineyard, our medicinal and spice herb field, and our orchid provide year-round work for the whole family. Here, we can pass on our environmentally conscious approach to our children, while producing our delicious wines, syrups, gels, jams, {digestifs}, and vinegars.

In the rare moments we can kick back and enjoy the fruits of our labor, I always whish for something unique: an exceptional wine, or perhaps a cocktail. But this is never a lot of time, as after dealing with the vineyard and the winery, there is always more paperwork, and, of course, our three children. They require much attention and care, as do our wines.

In harmony with nature!

“There are two kinds of people, those who like Tamás wines, and those who’ve never tasted it!”(B A)

A family winery is pure teamwork. We are connected by our familial love, our passion for our work, a thirst for knowledge, and, not least of all, our adventurous spirit. We all think in different ways, but know why we are working together: to create great wines, unique syrups, gels, jams, and vinegars.

The mild climate and various terrain is ideal for grape growth. The year-round consistent hand-working, and long barrel fermentation shows itself in our characteristic white, rosé, and res whines.

Our Lavender Products

Many like using our lavender products, chefs compose incredible culinary odes, while mixers create Mediterranean cocktails. We hope you will also experience the potential of this fantastic herb!

Our lavender syrup was created by my dear mother, who, through much experimentation, arrived at our formula many a year ago. Our lavender gel, jam, lavender vinegar, and even our lavender cider also honor her legacy. Through these products, she redefined the scope of use of the lavender flower.

Our business, at Őrsi u. 5., Csopak (near 71st way), is open all year, awaiting our dear customers, equipped with excellent parking, delicious coffee, a kind salesperson, and many a Csopak-made delicacy!

Telefon: +36 – 70 528 1015


°-os Panorámafotó

Szörpök, lekvárok, zselék, ecetek …

Our products are homemade delicacies, made, in small batches, of exclusively fresh ingredients, seasonally, and with heat-regulated preservation methods. NONE of our products contain aromas, flavor enhancers, preservatives, or artificial coloring.

Our products make excellent gastro-gifts, but some tips for our customers who purchase our products for their own use: our gels and jams pair well with a morning bread roll, and our lavender or green walnut gels can enchant any great ice cream. Our lemon jam, or even our fig-mustard, is a perfect fit for a salmon steak, while our paprika-jam can make any old toast or ratatouille exciting. Our favorite combination is asparagus with green almond, lemon, or lavender gel.

To sweeten our children’s yogurts, we add our raspberry, elderberry, or otello syrups. We like using our lemongrass, acacia, or ginger syrups in tea, or sweetening up some excessively dry champagnes with our lavender syrup, pink lemonade syrup, or rose syrup.

All the remedies of nature, with Bittero they nurture!

Digestifs have been called the elixir of long life. These bitter drinks enjoy worldwide popularity, as they are the closest to old recipes and medicines involving medicinal herbs, and have long-standing traditions worldwide. At its core, digestifs are a tincture, an extract of medicinal herbs. It works great at room temperature, over ice, or even as a hot drink, but can also make a great base for non-alcoholic cocktails.

We often upload new cocktail recipes on our news page.

The Bittero non-alcoholic digestif, made of 21 medicinal herbs, is great for all those who would not consume an alcoholic beverage, like designated drivers.

A The (non-alcoholic) Bittero Spritz, with its slightly bitter taste and momentous effervescence, is refreshment itself. My wife and I prefer to use it over baking soda, as it can even alleviate an upset stomach, thanks to the medicinal herbs contained within.


In the spring blossoms of the almond tree, in the summer sunsets, in the grapes draped in the colors of autumn, and in the silence of winter, Csopak shows its beautiful face. This is what we would like you to experience, and even give you a reason for an excursion in Csopak.

Fotó – Videó Galéria

Írjon nekünk!

A Rolls-Royce cégről olvastam egy történetet: Egy angol világjáró a 20-as években Afrikába utazott egy Rolls-Royce márkájú autóval. Sokáig jól működött az autó, de az afrikai utakon eltörött az egyik féltengely. Táviratozott a gyár felé a világjáró és a gyárból küldtek is egy szerelőt aki megjavította az autót. A munka elvégeztével közölte a szerelő, hogy majd a gyár küldi a számlát. Eltelt egy hónap, negyed év de a számla csak nem érkezett meg. Így a világjáró jelezte a gyárnak, hogy eltörött a féltengelye, a gyári szerelő meg is javította  de a javításról szóló számla a mai napig nem jött meg hozzá. Erre a gyár csak annyit válaszolt, hogy itt valami tévedés áll fent, mert egy Rolls-Royce márkájú autón nem törhet el a féltengely, így nincs is miről számlát küldeni! Mi is szeretnénk ezt a példát követni, mivel azt gondoljuk, hogy egy  Tamás bor, szörp, zselé, lekvár stb csak kifogástalan állapotban kerülhet a vásárlókhoz. De azt is tudjuk, hogy mi is emberek vagyunk, na meg hát azok a fránya afrikai útak… Ezért kérjük, ha valami észrevételük akad jelezzék felénk. üdvözlettel Csopakról Tamás Ervin